Stormy Ocean FX Case Study

Project: Once Upon A Time, The Stranger Episode

When Zoic approached Fusion CI Studios to create a very challenging stormy ocean sequence for ABC’s Once Upon A Time, The Stranger episode, there were a lot of excited fluids artists here in the house! We love ocean work and even the rigorous demands of a tv schedule couldn’t dissuade anyone from jumping on board.

The final scene:

The episode received both an Emmy and a VES award nomination, so it’s a great example of how near film quality fx work is penetrating series tv. In the sequence, Gepetto and Pinocchio attempt to navigate stormy ocean waters while stalked by Monstro, a giant whale. This kind of sequence would be out of reach for many studios, but Zoic is no stranger to doling out high quality VFX on crazy episodic tv schedules, having built a pipeline around the extreme demands of series television. And Fusion, with its extensive experience with fluid fx on any scale and schedule, has a well-developed suite of tools and methods for creating oceanic fluid fx – honing its expertise on films like:

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